Unfortunately, the year 2020 started with a great misfortune of pandemic and ultimately leading to lockdown, killing every possible chance of physical marketing leaving behind the only other highly rated option left with the influencers. And, that’s using online platforms for marketing.

Now the question arises how it can be used in a more efficient way to generate great revenue. Here, we have listed 5 things that you can use to improve your performance online. 


Blogging is believed to be the best and the most efficient way to increase revenue.

Post your reviews in the form of articles on websites. In the current situation of lockdown, people are having enough time to go through a blog to know about the services feeding their requirements in the best way.

You can also make use of Instagram for this purpose. Add reviews to Instagram stories with pictures. People often like to read and know about the best alternatives available in the market suiting to their requirements.

Collaborate with brands 

Brand collaboration can definitely boost up your image. Turning you into a popular choice among the viewers. Collaborate and share your experiences on various social media sites. This will let more and more people get down to you.

More stress to discounts and giveaways

Everybody loves free gifts and discounts without any reasons. Offering them additional benefits and giveaways can also be an effective way to increase sales and generate more traffic to your content page.

Advertise through videos

Advertising products and services through videos connect you more to the customers. It let the viewers understand your point better. You can make use of Youtube for this. As a lot of traffic is being generated to YouTube as well. Most of the customers like to know about available services through YouTube.

Affiliate marketing links 

This point is complementary to the idea of using Instagram and Youtube for advertising. 

You can generate more traffic by adding affiliate links to your Instagram bio and posts along with adding it to the description box of Youtube.

Get featured

If you advertise mostly through YouTube you can ask popular blog sites to feature your videos to your blogs.

This will generate much more revenue for you and it can help you to do marketing through multiple options. You can also add your YouTube videos to your own blog sites.

Videos make articles more understandable, interesting and increase its reachability.

Organise contests with free prizes

Another way of efficient influencer marketing can be done by organizing contests with free prizes. You can ask your followers to repost your articles or to tag some of your friends to go ahead in the challenge.

Instagram tags

Posting by hashtags can also help you. Try using easily guessable and relatable hashtags to your posts.

Many of the times people look for ideas through hashtags. Adding proper hashtags can also increase your visibility band reach. 

So, that’s all to leverage growth in 2020 through influencer marketing or digital marketing. Hope you’ll like the points and will implement it to increase your visibility and revenue.